Singing Sumos Barbershop Quartet

by on Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Singing Sumos

If you like sumo wrestling and barbershop quartets (doesn’t everyone?), chances are you will LOVE these videos featuring the Brooks Brothers Comedy Barbershop Quartet.

They’ve been singing together for almost 30 years, but they didn’t go “sumo” until 1998. It was just a fun idea at the time – they had no idea they were about to change the world of barbershop quartet.

Always a fast-paced, entertaining quartet, the Brothers came up with a new concept … Sumo Barbershop. It was on the way back from a chapter show that they racked their brains trying to come up with something just a bit different … a new look if you will. Needless to say, they found it!

The Brooks Brothers took their new “look” to the contest stage in 1998 to see what would happen. They had hoped the audience would enjoy the set, but never realized the impact it would have. The quartet was introduced and after making their way to the front of the stage it would be several minutes before the audience would settle down long enough for the guys to begin. The first song was Okinawa … a parody of the song Oklahoma. The district crowd responded with a standing ovation. The second song, You’ve Got to Be A Sumo Hero, had the same affect … a second standing ovation as the quartet exited the stage.

They sound really good! Well done, Sumo Brothers!


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  1. Richard & Doris Latham Says:

    Loved them and saw them years ago. Do they still perform? Saw them near Carbondale, Illinois.

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