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Get Down with our Costumes!

by on Monday, November 30th, 2009

Have you heard of the meme Geddan, or Get Down? Until recently, I hadn’t either.

I saw this great video of a girl dancing in our V for Vendetta costume, but at the time I didn’t really know what I was watching.

Bear with me, because this is fascinating stuff!

Geddan started in Japan a couple of years ago, when someone made a video exploiting a glitch in the Nintendo 64 game system. When the game cartridge is improperly inserted, it creates a glitch that causes the video game characters to “dance” spastically.

Soon, lots of people in Japan started making Geddan videos, all using the same song called Promise, by pop singer Kohmi Hirose.

Last year, this craze became popular in America. It’s important to note that no one can perform this dance live, it can only be done using video editing. Isn’t this interesting?

To fully understand, please watch this video by Know Your Meme. They explain and demonstrate the Geddan quite well.

I think this is so cool – especially when using our costumes! Get Down!

Happy Thanksgiving!

by on Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at Costume Craze…

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Princess Tiana Costume Photos

by on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Princess Tiana Costume

My, what a lovely princess! We were so excited to receive these customer photos from Yakini, creater of the fun blog The Prissy Mommy Chronicles.

Yakini dressed in our Princess Tiana costume for Halloween. Doesn’t she look beautiful? Her husband Derek dressed as a prince, and her new baby was the cute little frog! These photos are so adorable.

Princess Tiana CostumePrincess Tiana Costume

Princess Tiana CostumePrincess Tiana Costume

The Princess and the Frog is a new musical rags-to-riches fairy tale in Disney’s classic 2D animation style, coming to theaters on Dec. 11, 2009.

The story centers on a young girl named Princess Tiana who lives in New Orleans’ French Quarter during the Jazz Age.

Costume Craze is proud to hold the exclusive license for the Adult Princess Tiana costume – you can’t buy it anywhere else!

Adult Princess Tiana Costume Dress
Adult Princess Tiana Costume

Our Adult Princess Tiana costume is currently on sale for only $27.91 (15% off), and shipping is only $2.99. Buy now and save!

Here’s a look at the trailer for The Princess and the Frog, as well as a sneak peek at the first five minutes of the movie! This looks like a really fun film, perfect for the whole family.

Thanks so much to Yakini for sending the great photos. You look terrific!

Council Meeting Suprised by our Chicken Costume!

by on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

A Council Meeting in Durango, CO recently had a surprise visit from someone in our chicken costume!

In the video above, courtesy of Exposure Productions, you can see a mostly empty meeting, where council members are discussing the city’s chicken laws. Apparently there’s been some debate about owning hens in residential neighborhoods.

As you can see, out of nowhere comes a person in a chicken suit! We sell this exact costume, it’s so funny to see our costumes used so creatively.

The pseudo-chicken sat patiently and rocked its head while confused councilors chuckled and looked on and attempted to continue. Several minutes later, the council went into a scheduled closed session and the chicken appropriately rose from its seat to leave. On its way out, the bird approached the dais, crouched and left an egg on the floor.

Ha! The chicken left an egg on the floor on its way out. That is so funny! Too bad we don’t get to see that in the video.

If you have something to cluck about, do it in style with a chicken costume! Costume Craze has a hen house full of chicken suits and hats – for babies, kids and grownups!

We’ll help you find the egg-zact costume you need!

Chicken Costume

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[via Durango Herald]

Man Complains to Apple in our Penguin Suit!

by on Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Having trouble with this video? Click here.


This poor guy recently had an unfortunate experience while shopping for a computer at an Apple store.

So what does he do? He makes a video about it, wearing our Penguin costume! What a fun and creative way to get his point across.

Now he wants Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, to reimburse him for the $17.00 he spent on parking. How funny.

As this story goes to show, there are so many fun uses for our animal costumes. They are great year round for parties, Youtube videos, school plays… and apparently for making poignant customer complaints as well!

Now is a great time to pick up your Animal Costume. During our storewide Blowout Sale, everything is up to 90% off, and shipping is only $2.99. Orders over $50.00 ship FREE!

Penguin Costume from Costume Craze
Adult Penguin Costume


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