Council Meeting Suprised by our Chicken Costume!

by on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

A Council Meeting in Durango, CO recently had a surprise visit from someone in our chicken costume!

In the video above, courtesy of Exposure Productions, you can see a mostly empty meeting, where council members are discussing the city’s chicken laws. Apparently there’s been some debate about owning hens in residential neighborhoods.

As you can see, out of nowhere comes a person in a chicken suit! We sell this exact costume, it’s so funny to see our costumes used so creatively.

The pseudo-chicken sat patiently and rocked its head while confused councilors chuckled and looked on and attempted to continue. Several minutes later, the council went into a scheduled closed session and the chicken appropriately rose from its seat to leave. On its way out, the bird approached the dais, crouched and left an egg on the floor.

Ha! The chicken left an egg on the floor on its way out. That is so funny! Too bad we don’t get to see that in the video.

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[via Durango Herald]

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