Iron Man 2 Costumes! First Look at War Machine, Whiplash, Ironette and Black Widow

by on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

We’re excited to debut the first look at new Iron Man 2 costumes! Shown below is Whiplash, War Machine, Ironette, Black Widow, and a toddler Iron Man costume, along with some accessories.

Please note that these are some, but not all, of the new Iron Man costumes. We will release photos of the Mark 6 costume on March 1st!

UPDATED (May12 1, 2010) – Iron Man 2 costumes now in stock! Order by Clicking Here!

Super Deluxe Iron Man 2 Costume









Iron Man 2 costumes now in stock! Order by Clicking Here!


13 Responses to “Iron Man 2 Costumes! First Look at War Machine, Whiplash, Ironette and Black Widow”

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  5. Anthony Le Says:

    i would so love to own the facial hair lol it would match my iron man MKVI armor cosplay!!!

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  10. kyran Says:

    when are these available to order in the UK?

  11. Matthew Says:

    kyran, we ship to the UK. You can order them now, we have Iron Man 2 costumes in stock!

  12. mrsdowney Says:

    How much would s+h cost to ship to canada if i purchase the super deluxe iron man 2 costume (mark vi) ???

  13. Matthew Says:

    Mrsdowney — To find out shipping costs, you can visit this link and enter your country and postal code.

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