First Look at Official Lady Gaga Costumes!

by on Friday, July 30th, 2010



We are proud to debut our new officially licensed Lady Gaga costumes!

Lady Gaga is well known for her outrageous costumes, and we think these costumes look great! Whether you need a full Lady Gaga costume, one of her wigs, masks or make-up — you’ll find Lady Gaga costumes and accessories right here at Costume Craze!













17 Responses to “First Look at Official Lady Gaga Costumes!”

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  2. Kylie Says:


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  4. Stephzilla Says:

    Fans make their own costumes -_-

  5. edie Says:

    I cant wait for these costumes to come out, not all gaga fans can afford to make their own costumes.

  6. Alicai Says:

    OMG!! LOVE IT!! I cannot WAIT to look like Lady Gaga this year. My daughter is going to LOVE IT! She is going to be a mini little monster this year. She’s only 4, so it will be cute. Me Mama Monster and my Lola, Mini Little Monster! LOVING IT!!

  7. Jami Says:

    i want the coke can wig…. bad!

  8. Charlizzle Says:

    I”m disapointed that they didnt make the ciggerate sunglasses… FAIL!

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  10. Brooke Says:

    I think that for Gaga WIGS, this is great, but super fans make their own costumes to show their love and dedication for gaga. I like the idea and knew they were going to do it eventually. But all I needed last year was a good wig.

  11. chelucci Says:

    oh hell yeah! alotta my friends will be so thrilled! i personally make most all my costumes but in a pinch these at least be stater costumes to add to! yea!

  12. johana Says:

    they are all pretty cool but i was looking forward to getting the one in the monster ball picture . i’ll probably make my own

  13. Jessica Says:

    I like the idea, but agree with Brooke. True little monsters make their own costumes. Gaga is all about creativity and expressing yourself. SO even when you just throw something together–what you make is gagaesque. As much as a good money making idea this is, it’s still better to create your own, as to ensure no one will go about doing the same thing since these all will be purchased. Loving the wigs though.

  14. Chanty Says:

    I want one soo bad!!! :) Can’t wait!!! :)

  15. Darci "lady dady" Says:

    I want the wig and the lightning bolt NOW!!!!! :)

  16. Lucy Says:

    I was Lady Gaga LAST YEAR for Halloween and made my own costume, including the hair bow!

  17. Brooke Says:

    I am going to be lady gaga this year but they don’t have the costume i am looking for so I am going to get a friend to make me the ones i want all I am going to buy is a wig makeup and the glasses. I like the costumes tho

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