Yogi Bear Costume and Movie Trailer

by on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Yogi Bear is coming to a theater near you! Judging by this teaser trailer, it looks like a fun and faithful tribute to everyone’s favorite bear. Just be sure to guard your picnic basket!

The movie stars Dan Aykroyd as the voice of Yogi, and Justine Timberlake plays Boo-Boo, his faithful companion. The movie will be in theaters on Dec. 17, 2010.

We’re proud to debut our very high quality, super deluxe Yogi Bear costume! This costume is in stock and ready to ship, and includes the oversized mascot head, plush body with attached spats, mitts and parade big feet.

This is a full-sized mascot costume, guaranteed to make you smarter than the average bear!

Super Deluxe Yogi Bear Mascot Costume
Super Deluxe Yogi Bear Costume

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