First Look at Ame-Comi Superhero Costumes!

by on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Here’s an exciting first look at our upcoming Ame-Comi Superhero costumes, featuring Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Catwoman! Don’t these costumes look amazing?

Ame-Comi brings the style of Japanese Manga to DC Comics’ American superheroes. These superheroes were released by DC last year as action figures, and now we have the costumes!

These costumes will be available for pre-order very soon, and we should have them in stock this summer!

29 Responses to “First Look at Ame-Comi Superhero Costumes!”

  1. Baldwin Says:

    Its an embarrassment to women

  2. Lewis Says:

    Says you

  3. mike Says:

    but it’s awesome for us guys to look at

  4. Patriciamary Says:

    Finally some good looking comic book costumes. I hate the officially licensed ones. These are at least pretty.

  5. Drayno D Clown Says:

    Cheezy. Impractical. Ugly. Pointless. This isn’t an embarassment to women. It’s an embarassment to comics in general.

  6. Henry Says:

    The costumes are great but the following exception: Supergirl’s cape should be longer (about to her calves) If you do Batgirl the cape should be down to the beginning of her heel.

  7. akin Says:

    really hot believe it

  8. radworld Says:

    I think its hot when super heroes fall off their stripper shoes.

  9. Bizzaro-Gay Says:

    This am no make womyn look good. Bizzaro-Gay no am attracted to womyn with clothing that reveal so little. Feminists right to complain that this demeaning to womyn … if they feel it very good for men to be attracted to them.

  10. Jen Says:

    Re: WW costume: Love the concept of armour to protect the cheekbones and shoulder (?) but such high platform shoes that you’d break an ankle trying to walk in them.
    Oh, and the shoulder shield and strapping is reminiscent of the New Improved Wonder Woman costume? Bleh.
    re Supergirl – ew. I hope I don’t see anyone wearing this costume at a convention.

  11. Ame-Comi Superhero Costumes | The Comic Book Nerd Says:

    […] brand new costumes!  Available for pre-order soon, they should be in stock by summer 2011 from Costume Craze‘s online store.  The upcoming Ame-Comi Superhero costumes so far feature Wonder Woman, […]

  12. Knight Says:


  13. Trinity Says:

    As a girl I like it, very sexy and nothing wrong with it:-)

  14. Thorschariot Says:

    yeah, the stripper shoes GOTTA GO!!!! how the hel are they supposed to walk in those, much less fight?

  15. byu427 Says:

    hel-lo! they’re superheroes! they could wear whatever they want and still kick some serious booty.

  16. byu427 Says:

    but i agree, the stripper shoes do look ridiculous :)

  17. angryamazon Says:

    Looooooove it! I need the ww one asap

  18. Randi Says:

    AMAZING! I love the cat women one. <3 so cute!

  19. Steven Says:

    They are costumes based off the Ame-Comi statue lines available through DC Direct. They are made to look with an Anime twist. Most of the figures have different variants, some are “original” looks by the creaters while others are made to look like the current characters in the comics.
    There are different versions of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl.

    The Ame-Comi line is fairly popular, and features a lot of the Women in the DC universe. They also released their first male (Batman) statue last year.

    Do half of the people that make stupid comments understand this?

  20. Elanor Says:

    DO you think they’ll do the artimis veriant?

  21. Wondergoddess Says:

    I love these Ame-comi reproduction costumes! WW looks just like my WW ame-comi statue! (one of my favorite in my collection. In fact this is probably the best mass production WW costume I have seen yet. I hope it will come it plus sizes for us super sized heroes! What about her sword? Will that be available as well?

  22. Usagi Says:

    I saw these on another website and recognized the designs immediately. I gotta say, these are spot on recreations of the statues.

  23. shlii Says:

    These costumes look amazing! I’m planning on doing an Ame-Comi Robin cosplay. I would love to see the costume in real life first, though!

  24. regena Says:

    seeing that i was going to attempt to make that very costume for wonder woman this halloween as well, i am excited 😀

  25. Natalie Says:

    The statues that these costumes are based on are AWESOME. Creative, and right in line with the manga-look.

    These costumes, however, are cheap, ugly and an insult to those of us who enjoy cosplay and comics. Girls, do yourselves a favor and make your own costumes. Superheroines are sexy enough in the comics without resorting to outfits the hookers wouldn’t even wear.

  26. Bill Says:

    Drag queens will kill for that Wonder Woman number!!!

  27. Lord Dream Says:

    Hardcore original loyalist nerds who are unfamiliar with the ame-comi figures will hate these.
    Any guys who are straight will love them.
    Unless your girlfriend is ugly and can’t pull it off.
    Or you’re not socially skilled enough to approach an attractive female wearing one…
    How do they fight crime in heels? Um, How does no one notice Superman is Clark Kent without the glasses? Superhero costumes have never made practical sense. I hate to be the one to blow your bubble but it’s fiction and the costumes are designed purely for their look.
    By the way, the look of Catwoman is awesome! Far better than what Halle Berry had going on…

  28. Riah Says:

    I’m a 35 bust and 36 hip but the size chart says I would need a small for the bust but I’d need a large for the bottoms. So how would I go about ordering the Wonder Woman costume? Is there anyway to order it to fit my measurements?

  29. Matthew Says:

    Hi Riah. We’re open 24 hours, and would love to help you. Head on over to our Contact page. You are welcome to call and talk to a specialist, or chat with someone online. Or send us an email, and we’ll get back to you. Here is the link:

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