First Look at New Avengers Costumes!

by on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

We’re excited to debut our new live of The Avengers costumes! These costumes will arrive in stock this summer, and they will be available for pre-order very soon!

Take a look at our never before seen Nick Fury costume and Hawkeye costume! They look great!

We also have updated versions of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Loki, and Black Widow costumes.

Notice anything unusual about Iron Man’s suit? Look carefully in the trailer below. In one scene, Iron Man has his Mark IV triangle-shaped arc reactor chest light — then in a later scene it’s back to a round chest light. Hmm, I wonder what that means? Avengers Assemble!

16 Responses to “First Look at New Avengers Costumes!”

  1. New Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers Costumes Says:

    […] (via Costume Craze) […]

  2. Katie Says:

    You really need to make an upgraded Loki costume for kids 12+

  3. Patrick Says:

    Is the Captain America Avengers Costume shown muscle chest or standard? I can’t tell.

  4. Matthew Says:

    Hi, Patrick. The adult costume shown has a muscle chest. We will have both kinds, so you can choose.

  5. Ethan Says:

    Hey I vary interested in buying the hawkeye costume and I need it for the midnight showing of The Avengers and so I was wondering when will the costume be available to buy? please let me know asap.

  6. Matthew Says:

    Hi Ethan, we expect them by late June or July. Thanks for asking!

  7. Ethan Says:

    So there is absolutely no way I could get this costume before may 3rd, so that I can wear it to the midnight showing of The Avengers

  8. Crissy Says:

    Wow! That Black Widow costume looks so much better than the one from Iron Man 2.

  9. Korena Says:

    Whats the smallest size the Hawkeye costume will run? and will there be a children’s Hawkeye costume/ Whats the largest that will run?

  10. Matthew Says:

    Korena, we’re waiting for more info, but right now we just have large adult sizes for Hawkeye.

  11. Abi Says:

    Will these be available before mid July? I need the Hawkeye adult for comic con on the 21st July so would be brilliant if I could get one of these for the fiancé!

  12. Matthew Says:

    Hi, Abi. We should by mid July, but it’s impossible to be 100% sure.

  13. Misty Salas Says:

    My son is 5 and really wanted to be loki but I couldnt find any costumes for kids.

  14. Saúl Says:

    Hi!! I’m from mexico and i want to know, how can i buy it and how much it will cost
    I really want the hawkeye costume on medium or large sizes

  15. Michele Mendez Says:

    My 5 year old nephew badly wants a Loki costume as well. I think the first site to come up with one will do very well with it.

  16. Matthew Says:

    It looks like the sizes for Loki and Hawkeye costumes are only available for adults at this time, sorry.

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