Zombie Batman and Zombie Flash Costumes from Blackest Night!

by on Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Here’s an exciting first look at our new DC Comics “Blackest Night” zombie costumes! Zombie Batman and Zombie Flash look ready to eat some tasty brains!

We also give you a glimpse of the zombie Joker, with more zombie superheroes to come, so stay tuned! These costumes will be available for pre-order very soon, and we expect them to arrive in stock sometime this summer!

4 Responses to “Zombie Batman and Zombie Flash Costumes from Blackest Night!”

  1. derp derp Says:

    uuuuh what are the prices???

  2. Matthew Says:

    Not sure yet, but we should have them priced and available for pre-order very soon!

  3. Codeshy Says:

    Where can I get this! It’s amazing!

  4. Matthew Says:

    You can pre-order here: https://www.costumecraze.com/search.php?searchstring=blackest%20night&ssavl=1339188833

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