Have You Made These 7 Embarrassing Costume Mistakes?

by on Friday, August 19th, 2016


Some of our fails have been more legendary than others — but we’ve all done it.

Unless you’re a costume-wearing savant, you’re going to run into mistakes here and there.

But this doesn’t mean you need to make them all yourself.

Learn about potential errors — before you fall into the same trap — and spend more time enjoying the holiday festivities instead.

This list details seven common blunders that you can now avoid. And we won’t judge you if you laugh at the victims of these embarrassing costume mistakes.

1. Forgetting that You’re Human

You may not be dressing up as a human this year, but that doesn’t eliminate your human needs.

Breathing is not optional, people.

If you can’t see, hear, consume water or use the bathroom you’re going to run into issues.

And they won’t be pleasant…

Just check out this poor teenager that had to be rescued by the fire department in order to be freed from a clingy Barney costume.

stuck in barney costume

Don’t be that person.

And if you can’t get your costume off without help then plan on sporting a stadium buddy for the evening.

2. Falling Prey to The Generic Costume

How many people are literally wearing the same costume as you?

This may or may not be embarrassing depending on your personality, but it’s still sad. With all the options to choose from, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to stand out when you put on your costume.

Even if you go for one of the classic costumes like a pirate, nurse, or firefighter, you can still create a unique look with accessories and makeup.

costume mistakes

Source: A Drop of Rain

Unless you are dressing up for a synchronized performance, don’t be afraid to get crazy with your costume :)

3. Being Glued to Your Other Half

Some of the best costumes are couple’s costumes, but you don’t want to look ridiculous if you decide to stray from their side for a few minutes.

Take this for example:

Bad Couples Costume

Source: tv guide

Not only is it HORRIFYING, this costume is also dependent on having your partner standing right next to you if you want a chance at being recognized.

Although, in this particular instance, they probably wanted it that way…*shudder*

4. The Dreaded Question Mark

Speaking of being recognizable, will people actually know what you dressed up as this year?

If you’re selecting your costume with a specific audience in mind, this may not be an issue for you, but if you’re going for a general appeal then you may want to think twice.

5. Getting Stuck in Your Imagination

This is the year that you finally perfect that costume.

Everything is exactly as it should be, and you look freaking amazing.

There’s just one problem.

costume with poor functionality

Source: Digital Spy

You can’t move your arms, turn your head or squeeze through a doorway.

Your fabulous costume will soon become your final resting place if you can’t figure out how to claw your way out of it.

6. My Skin!!!

Theatrical style makeup can take your costume from mediocre to epic.

If it’s done right.

Keep in mind, that no matter how good your makeup looks, you still have to take care of the skin underneath it.

Bad Costume Makeup

Source: Bustle

Take the necessary precautions with your makeup to minimize damage to your skin, eyes and anything else that’s getting slathered in product.

7. Failing to take Advantage of Accessories

Sometimes, it’s the small details that make the costume.

Is Santa Claus really Santa without the fluffy white beard?

Santa without a beard

Are you really doing the Mad Hatter justice without a top hat?

And Catwoman just isn’t the same without her whip…

Have you made any costume mistakes that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section.



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