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[Infographic] 10 Halloween Accessories You Can Wear All Year Long

by on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Costume Accessories

Sometimes the accessories make the costume.

Can you imagine Thor without his hammer? Santa Claus without his fluffy white beard? Or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz without her red ruby slippers? These characters — and many others — rely on accessories to tell their unique and entertaining stories.

No one wants Halloween day to roll around and have no one recognize their costume because they failed to use all the right parts. However, it’s also disappointing to buy an item that you can only use one time.

In order to make the most of your Halloween costume accessories, try going for options that you can wear with other costumes, outfits, and a variety of year-round events. The following infographic outlines 10 different types of accessories that you can take advantage of all year long.


Halloween Costume Accessories Infographic


Adorable New Star Wars Dog Costumes!

by on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Here’s a first look at new Star Wars dog costumes! These are so adorable, even Darth Vader would smile. Featuring creatures straight from the Star Wars movies, we have new Bantha, Dewback, Tautaun and AT-AT costumes.

These costumes are now available for pre-order, and will arrive in the summer of 2013. Order yours today!

Bantha Dog Costume



Dewback Dog Costume



Tauntaun Dog Costume



AT-AT Dog Costume


Click Here to view all new Star Wars costumes for 2013. May the Force be with you!

New Shoes for 2012: Part 2

by on Thursday, September 20th, 2012

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***Sugar and Spice***

Whether you’re in the mood to dress-up naughty or nice… Costume Craze has got the hottest heels at the sweetest prices. This year we are unveiling a new collection of sexy pin-up inspired high heels that will leave you standing tall and feeling fabulous!

Let’s start with my spiciest pick, the Teeze Stiletto! Need I say more? These tantalizing shoes have a 5 3/4″ heel with a concealed platform and come in a variety of tempting styles. A stunning addition to your Burlesque performances, Club attire, Boudoir photo shoots, Anniversaries, Costume Parties, Halloween costume, and much more!


Our sophisticated Black and Beige Teeze stilettos will have you standing tall! This tri-colored shoe is complete with two straps over the instep for added ankle support. These naughty heels would be a sultry addition to our Pin-Up Captain Sailor Costume. A versatile heel like this would also be marvelous for a Sexy Sailor, Captain, Steampunk or Oktoberfest costume. Tip: Add a white petticoat underneath this flared dress for added volume.


Our 1920’s inspired Black and White Teeze Gangster shoe is for the high class dame. This classically chic duo tone platform has a side zipper, so they slip on and off with ease. For the ultimate Gangster look pair this shoe with our Deluxe Mama Gangsta Costume. These keen shoes would also look great with a Tuxedo Lady Gaga Costume, Mafia, Burlesque, or Speakeasy costume.

Tip: Don’t forget to add shoes inserts to help prevent foot aches.


You can’t go wrong with these Black Patent Teeze heels! This staple shoe will make any outfit look pristine. I suggest pairing these shoes with our Mermaid Mistress Sexy Costume. They would also look amazing with any of our Sexy Vampire, Witch, Gothic, or Evil Queen Costumes.

Tip: Want a more secure fit? Take a closer look at SHOE408 it’s the same chic design, but this Maryjane style heel has a delicate strap over the instep to keep your ankle securely in place.


Victory will be yours in these Military Teeze stilettos! Comes complete with a red T-strap and embellished with three bronze stars at the base of the straps. These military, pin-up style shoes will have you calling the shots, Hoo-Rah! I suggest pairing these triumphant heels with our Sexy General Mischief Costume, or with our Sexy Major Mayhem Sailor Costume.

Tip: Don’t forget to add non-slip shoe grips for added grip while in combat.

You’ll be heading to the top of your class in these sassy Red Plaid Teeze heels! These stilettos are adorably embellished with a penny loafer fringe and corset lacing detail. Perfect for our reversible Sexy School Girl and Teacher Costume. You could also pair them with a Christmas themed costume, such as our Sexy Santa’s Helper Costume. The possibilities are endless with these splendid heels!

Tip: For a quick naughty librarian, teacher, or school girl look, pair these shoes with some sexy glasses, a corset, and a petticoat or pleated skirt.

I’ve saved the hottest, naughtiest, and most unique Teeze heel for last…

You’ll be catching fire in these smoking hot Teeze Flame heels! Available in Patent Black or Glittery Gold and adorned with ruby colored rhinestones in the shape of flames. This sizzling shoe is the perfect match to our Sexy Cruel Intentions Vampire costume, or our Queen of Darkness costume. I also suggest pairing these shoes with a Sexy Devil, Vampire, Evil Queen, or Rockabilly themed costume.

Tip: With shoes this hot, you’ll need to carry a fire extinguisher with you!


Were those shoes a bit too spicy for your taste? Next up, let’s cool things down with my top sugary picks for this year’s new shoe collection! Heels this sweet will be sure to leave you with a toothache!

Let’s start with our elegant line of Dainty Satin Shoes. This charming baby doll shoe is the perfect combination of classy and sassy. Comes complete with a 3 1/2″ heel, black lace detailing, and a delicate black bow. Colors are available in Black, Pink, Red, Green, and Pinstripe!

Our Dainty Green satin shoes will bring a whole new meaning to phrase green with envy. These shoes would look lovely with our Scarlett Picnic Costume from Gone with the Wind. I also suggest trying these shoes with a Christmas, or St. Patrick Day’s themed costume.


Say Hello to my little friend! Our Dainty Pinstripe satin shoes would be the perfect addition to our Deluxe Gangster Doll Costume. I also suggest pairing these shoes with a Sexy Mafia Mama, French Maid, or Burlesque Costume!


Our radiant Dainty Red satin shoes would look like dynamite with our Sexy Miss Cracker Jack Sailor Costume. I also suggest pairing these with an Evil Queen, Sexy Snow White, or Flapper Costume.


Our fancy Molly Black High Heel Shoe will make you say, “Oh la la!” This cute black patent shoe comes with a chunky 4″ heel, strap across instep with a delicate bow, and an additional bow at the toe. These adorable shoes would look très chic with our new Maid to Order Sexy costume. They would also look great with a Sexy Captain, Sailor Costume, Nun, or School girl costume.


Looking for a delightful treat? Sample our Cream Secret Shoes! This retro designed shoe comes with a 4 1/2″ heel, black pinstripe contouring the shoe, and to top it off… a delicate black bow. Try this sweet treat paired with our saucy 50’s Car Hop Sexy Costume. These shoes would also look ravishing with any of our Bar Maid, Oktoberfest, 1920’s, or 1950’s themed costumes.

Our little Lassie, the Bella Shoe in Black Houndstooth is so sweet, it should be a crime. These vintage looking peep toe heels come in a Houndstooth printed fabric, 5 1/4″ stilettos that have a suede like material on it, a mini platform, and a black bow at the toe. I suggest pairing these retro shoes with our Sexy Lieutenant Lockdown Costume, for a smoldering pin-up look perfect for your next costume party! These lovely shoes would also pair nicely with a Sexy Librarian, Detective, or Retro Costume.

Tip: Don’t forget to add shoes inserts, to help prevent foot aches while on the hunt for that smooth criminal.


Can’t get enough eye candy for dessert? Feast your eyes on our tantalizing Motif Stilettos, and our Pink Contessa Shoe.

Our Baby Pink Motif platform slide stilettos will have you asking for seconds! These shoes are adorably decorated with a cupcake design on the platform and 6″ heel. Perfect for our Sexy Katy Perry California Gurl Cupcake Costume, or our Sexy Candy Land Costume.

Tip: Looking for a bold statement to go with your sweet costume? Check out our huge selection of Katy Perry inspired Wigs!


Our sugary White Motif platform stilettos will leave you standing tall! These sky high shoes have a colorful lollipop print decorating the base of the 2 1/2″ slide platform and on the 7″ heel. I suggest pairing these shoes with our Sassy Deluxe Candyland Costume or with our Standard Candyland Costume.

Tip: These lollipop platforms would also look stunning with any of our candy inspired costumes such as our Adult Sweetart, Laffy Taffy, or Blow Pop Costumes.


Our berrylicious Pink Contessa Shoes are ripe for the picking! These baby pink shoes come with a 4″ heel and a delicate strap over the instep to keep your ankle securely in place. Comes complete with a delicate green detailing around the shoe and a strawberry pattern at the heel and toe. These shoes would be perfect with our Berry Beauty Costume, or our Sexy Blueberry Muffin Costume.

Tip: This fruity treat would also look great with any of our delicious Berry Costumes!


This concludes Part 2 of my costume shoe review. Thanks for reading!
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New Shoes for 2012: Part 1

by on Thursday, August 30th, 2012

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Are you looking for the perfect fit this Halloween? Whether you are out Trick or Treating, or attending a spooktacular Halloween party, shoes are a wonderful way to give your Halloween ensemble an authentic and complete look.

This year at Costume Craze we are debuting fashion forward footwear in a variety of styles! From classic to contemporary, sexy to conservative, and formal to casual! You and your family will be sure to find the shoe that’s just right for you. So run, don’t walk because these splendid shoes will sell out fast!

My multi-part posts will take an exclusive look at our NEW shoes, so check back soon!

***Glitz and Glamor***

Twinkle Shoes

Don’t worry about finding your Prince Charming… he will spot you from a mile away in these glittery peep toe heels. Our enchanting Twinkle Shoes are dazzled with glitter, have a 5 1/4″ heel, and a 1″ platform. Colors are available in Fuchsia, Gold, Silver, or Turquoise. Twinkle Shoes would be the perfect fit to any of our story book Princess Costumes. Take a look at some of my favorite combinations:

Our Gold Twinkle shoes would be the perfect match to out Sassy Belle Costume.

Our totally Turquoise Twinkle shoes would be a awesome addition to our 80’s Dance Party Princess Costume.

Our Silver Twinkle shoes would be breath taking with our Super Deluxe Enchanting Cinderella Princess Costume.

Tip: Don’t forget to add non-slip shoe grips for added traction, while you dance the night away!

Glitter Lacy Shoes

Even if you’re late, late, for an important date, these darling Lacey Shoes will help you make up for lost time. These adorable shoes have a 4 1/2“ heel, black and white ruffle detail along the upper counter, and can be worn with or without the black bow.

Colors are available in, pink, turquoise, red, silver, and black. You can’t go wrong when coupling our Lacey Shoes with any of our sexy Fairy tale Princess Costumes.

Here are some of my favorite combinations:

Our adorable Turquoise Lacey shoes would look splendid with our Sassy Alice Costume.

Our sassy Red Lacey shoes are the perfect addition to our Divine Miss Red Costume.

Our pretty Pink Lacey shoes would a royal fit to our Princess Rapunzel Costume.

Classic Violette Shoes

Looking for a more conservative heel, but still want the glitz? Our classic Violette Shoes are a close-toed glittery sandal with a 3 1/2 inch heel, complete with a T-strap and functioning buckle.

Colors are available in Gold, Green, Red, and Black. These shoes will be sure to jazz up any 1920’s Flapper, or Speakeasy costume.

Our glistening Gold Violette shoe would be swinging with our 1920’s Gatsby Girl Flapper Costume.

Our Ruby Red Violette shoes would be perfect with our Jazz Diva Flapper Costume.

Our lush Green Violette shoe would be an eloquent fit with our Forest Fairy Costume.

Tip: Don’t forget to add shoes inserts, to help prevent foot aches!

Glitter Ballet Shoes

Need something more practical, but just as dazzling? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Costume Craze is now offering Glitter Ballet Shoes as a wise alternative to heels. Whether you are out for a long night of trick or treating, or a late night dancing! Our Ballet Flats are ideal for any occasion!

Colors are available in Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Lime Green , Gold, and Silver. Take a look at some of my favorite shoe and costume combinations!

Our bold Hot Pink flat would look whimsical paired with our Deluxe Rainbow Tinkerbell Costume.

Our ravishing Red flats can be dress them up with our Sexy White Rabbit Costume, or dressed down with one of our easy T-shirt costumes, such as our Wonder Woman Shirt.

Tip: Want something less flashy? Check out our Classic Ballet Flats available in White and Black.

Can’t get enough glitz? We also offer our dazzling Zara Glitter Boots, a classic style boot with a 4” heel, and side zipper. Colors are available in Turquoise, Green, Purple, Red, Gold, Fuchsia, Blue, Silver, and Black. The perfect accessory to complete your Halloween costume, or great for a night out!

For the Guys

Guys, are you looking for a funky fashion statement for your Halloween costume? Look no further! Costume Craze has a unique variety of retro shoes that will put some boogie in your step!

Our Jazz and Glamrock Shoes have a 1″ platform shoes, 3 1/2″ heel, and lace up. You’ll catch Boogie fever in our Jazz shoes! Perfect for any Disco, Hippie, or Pimp Costume! Colors are available in Pearlized Silver, Pearlized Gold, Glitter Green, Zebra print, Black, and White.

Check out my top psychedelic picks for men!


Our Gold Jazz shoe would be the perfect match to our Disco Sleazeball Costume, or wear it with our Sweet Daddy Beaujolais Pimp Costume.

Our bold Green Jazz shoes would look great with our Mens Hippie Costume.


Our Silver Jazz shoe would be a great match to our Saturday Night Fever Costume or our Flashy Blue Tuxedo.

Tip: Don’t forget to add non-slip shoe grips for added traction (helpful if you’re not used to walking in heels).


Men, your inner Disco Rockstar will shine bright in our Glamrock Shoes! We offer this shoe in a variety of styles, from glitter to animal print. Colors are available in Cheetah, or Zebra print, and Gold/Silver glitter duo tone (with stars on vamp), Black patent/Silver glitter duo tone (with stars on vamp), or Silver/Gold/ Black glitter Glam Boots.

I suggest trying these Glamrock Shoes paired with the following:


Our Silver and Gold Glitter Glamrock Shoes would look out of this world with our new Silver Sequin Jacket and a pair of white bell bottoms.

Our Silver Glitter Glamrock Shoes would shine paired with our new Pink Sequin Jacket and a pair of black pants.

Tip: Need a more versatile shoe? Take a look at the Classic Glamrock shoe in Black and White.

This concludes Part 1 of my costume shoe review. Thanks for reading, and check back soon for Part 2!
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Our Costumes Featured on True Blood!

by on Monday, July 9th, 2012

Costume Craze costumes were featured on last night’s True Blood! Yes, in the fifth episode of Season 5, our Deluxe Obama Masks made an appearance during the show.

True Blood’s production team purchased several Obama masks from us earlier this year, and we’ve been waiting in suspense for them to appear. We wondered why True Blood would need Obama masks… Would it be for a scene with a political rally or protest? It is an election year, after all.

Nope! It turns out these masks were for bad guys. The kind of bad guys who shoot guns from the back of a pickup truck and record video of their crimes. It was a pretty scary scene, but I won’t give away spoilers.


This isn’t the first time our costumes have appeared on True Blood. Last year, during the finale of Season 4, we see the character Holly wearing our Deluxe Fairy Costume. She looks very beautiful!

It’s so great to be a part of such a popular and exciting show!

True Blood airs Sunday nights on HBO.
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