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Real Life Mario Kart with our Costumes!

by on Friday, January 13th, 2017

Watch this live action Mario Kart race, created by local film director and YouTube celebrity Devin Super Tramp. So amazing!

We have the pleasure of knowing Devin, and Costume Craze happily donated Mario Bros. costumes and accessories for this video. It sure turned out great! Boy, don’t mess with Luigi, he doesn’t like being a sidekick. Too funny. :)

Thanks to Devin for the shout out on his Youtube page. This was a lot of fun!

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Harry Potter Song Parody: Dark Lord Funk

by on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Don’t miss this brilliant Harry Potter parody of Mark Ronson’s mega hit Uptown Funk. Out of all the Harry Potter fan videos I’ve seen, and all the parodies of Uptown Funk — I’d say this one beats them all.

A very talented group of BYU students, with the help of Cosplay Utah, put together this incredible music video called Dark Lord Funk. It was produced by Keith Allen, Marcus Joseph, and Andrew Carver. They did such an amazing job! And the Internet is quite appreciative, apparently, as the video already has millions of views after only a few days.

From the song and lyrics, to the costumes and choreography, everything about this video is perfect. Great job, Everyone!


Source: KFaceTV

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Provo Spider-Man Does Parkour!

by on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

What happens when Spider-Man runs out of his web? He must use parkour, of course! Watch as stuntman Ronnie Shalvis performs amazing parkour stunts in a Spider-Man costume. This was filmed in our “backyard” right here in Provo, Utah!

Wow, what tremendous skill! This video comes just in time for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, opening this weekend. It should be lots of fun.

I hope everyone has their Spider-Man costumes ready, so they can watch the movie in style on opening night! Just remember, with great costumes comes great responsibility. :)


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Salt Lake City Sets another Convention Record!

by on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014


Congrats to Salt Lake City, for breaking another convention record! Last weekend, Salt Lake hosted the 2014 Comic Con Fan Experience, and it was even bigger than convention we had last fall. Over 100,000 people attended the event, that’s so amazing! The event was packed with famous celebrities, great comics, and lots of awesome costumes!


The 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience took place April 17-19, 2014 at the Salt Palace Convention Center and was attended by over 100,000 people making it the largest convention in the state of Utah, third largest Comic Con in the United States and largest Comic Con in North America per capita!


Here a few videos highlighting all the great costumes. Well done, Utah!


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Salt Lake Comic Con a Super Success!

by on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Congratulation to Salt Lake City, UT, for hosting their very first Comic Con! The event was a HUGE success, surpassing all expectations. We’re so proud of our home state!

An estimated 80,000 people attended the pop culture convention. The Salt Palace was just bursting, completely filled to capacity. It set a record for the largest convention ever in the state of Utah. Salt Lake City also set the record for the largest first Comic Con of any city in the United States. Way to go, Utahns!

The event was filled with exciting displays, famous celebrities, and thousands of costumes. We get such a kick out of seeing happy people wearing our costumes. We’ve posted some photos below, doesn’t everyone look great? Be sure to scroll down to the videos, for footage from the Con, as well as interviews with celebrities and cosplayers.

Great job, everyone. We’ll see you at SLC Comic Con 2014!


Star Wars Imperial Guard



Mortal Kombat Scorpion Costume



Spider-Man CostumeHawkeye Costume



Sexy Robin CostumeSexy Batgirl Costume



Darth Vader CostumeQueen Amidala Costume



Black Widow Costume



Amber Costume from the Sucker Punch



Sexy Super Heroine Costume



Supergirl Costume



Black Spider-Man Costume



Harley Quinn Costume



Spider-Man Costume



Supreme Robin Costume



Iron Man Mark 42 Lycra Bodysuit Costume





Source: FOX13Now

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