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7 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Started with Steampunk Cosplay

by on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


Whether you’re new to the Steampunk community or are just starting out with cosplay, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Just keep in mind that the artistic, expressive nature of Steampunk allows for a lot of freedom.

The newness of the experience can be incredibly exciting and fun when you decide to embrace it. This post offers some tips and guidance for anyone interested in attending their first Steampunk cosplay.

1) Everyone Was Once a Newbie

Steampunk Cosplay

Source: GeekDad

While it can be intimidating at first, it’s important to remember that everyone has started from the same place. The cosplay bunch is also an exceptionally accepting community that welcomes creativity and unique expression.

2) Why Should I Cosplay?

Group Cosplay

Source: DeviantArt

Even though you can certainly Steampunk style on your own, attending events will introduce you to new ideas and people. Cosplayers come from a wide range of backgrounds and it is a great way to meet others with common interests. It can also serve as a place for inspiration and growth when it comes to your exploration of Steampunk fashion.

3) There’s No Such Thing as “Too Much” or “Too Little”

Steampunk Heels

Source: IDidn’tChooseThis

You can be as Steampunk as you want to be. Period.

Anything can be “steam-punked” and it doesn’t have to fall within a limited range of what’s “acceptable.” You can play with Steampunk attire, history, and events in any way that makes sense for you. Steampunk is constantly growing and changing, which makes it easy to embrace both bold and subtle forms of expression.

4) The Details Make the Look

Steampunk Art

Source: EarthPorm

The best way to give your Steampunk look an edge is to use accessories – and there are literally hundreds of ideas to choose from. This can be as small as the buttons that you use on your vest or involve larger props to complete the look you are going for.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to European influences, Steampunk has become a global trend with styles being incorporated from around the world.

5) You Don’t Have to Make Everything from Scratch

Steampunk Influences

Source: masalthistory

Take advantage of vintage items that can be repurposed, costumes and props to create your Steampunk look. Store-bought items are not a bad thing and are often necessary for those of us that can’t sew to save our lives.

6) Plan Ahead – Seriously

Steampunk Gadget

Source: Pinterest

By plan ahead, we’re not talking days. Think weeks or months before the event date arrives.

Your original plans may not work out, and it’s common for a costume to evolve during the creation process. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong with your first attempt.

7) Just Have Fun

Steampunk Creativity

Source: livelaughrowe

Try not to take things too seriously.

It’s normal to be a little apprehensive about something you’re not experienced in, but stressing over getting it exactly “right,” can suck all the fun out of it. Just relax and give yourself a chance to explore this new opportunity.

Once you’ve taken part in your first Steampunk cosplay, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!


Costume Craze Loves Batkid!

by on Monday, November 18th, 2013

Costume Craze loves Batkid! We are so touched by last Friday’s events, when the Make A Wish foundation teamed up with the entire city of San Francisco to make a little boy’s dream come true. At least 7,000 people joined the festivities and cheered Batkid as he foiled several “crimes.”

You look great in that costume, Batkid. Thanks for saving the day!

Miles, who is now in remission after several years of treatment for Leukemia, was met with a surprise when he arrived in San Francisco to collect a costume of his favorite superhero. The Make-A-Wish foundation had organized a day of crime-fighting antics for the pint-sized superhero.

Local media estimated that at least 7,000 people took to the street to cheer Batkid on as he embarked upon his crime-fighting mission in a black Lamborghini emblazoned with the Batman logo accompanied by the caped crusader himself.

Kids Batman Costume

Batkid Saves the Day

Salt Lake Comic Con a Super Success!

by on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Congratulation to Salt Lake City, UT, for hosting their very first Comic Con! The event was a HUGE success, surpassing all expectations. We’re so proud of our home state!

An estimated 80,000 people attended the pop culture convention. The Salt Palace was just bursting, completely filled to capacity. It set a record for the largest convention ever in the state of Utah. Salt Lake City also set the record for the largest first Comic Con of any city in the United States. Way to go, Utahns!

The event was filled with exciting displays, famous celebrities, and thousands of costumes. We get such a kick out of seeing happy people wearing our costumes. We’ve posted some photos below, doesn’t everyone look great? Be sure to scroll down to the videos, for footage from the Con, as well as interviews with celebrities and cosplayers.

Great job, everyone. We’ll see you at SLC Comic Con 2014!


Star Wars Imperial Guard



Mortal Kombat Scorpion Costume



Spider-Man CostumeHawkeye Costume



Sexy Robin CostumeSexy Batgirl Costume



Darth Vader CostumeQueen Amidala Costume



Black Widow Costume



Amber Costume from the Sucker Punch



Sexy Super Heroine Costume



Supergirl Costume



Black Spider-Man Costume



Harley Quinn Costume



Spider-Man Costume



Supreme Robin Costume



Iron Man Mark 42 Lycra Bodysuit Costume





Source: FOX13Now

Kids Costumes from Comic Con 2013

by on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Comic Con 2013 just wrapped up in San Diego. It was another great year for fans to celebrate superheroes, movies and pop culture. Over 130,000 people showed up to participate, with many people wearing fun costumes!

One of the cutest, and most endearing aspects of Comic Con are all the dressed up children. We love seeing so many of our costumes at these events. Yahoo put together a great galley of costumed kids at Comic-Con. I’ve posted a few below, along with the matching costumes we sell.

These kids look really super!

Kids Batman CostumeGirls Batgirl CostumeGirls Supergirl Costume



Black Spider-Man CostumeKids Spider-Man CostumeMuscle-Chest Spider-Man Costume



Kids TMNT Costume



Kids Woody CostumeBuzz Lightyear Costume



Muscle-Chest Captain America Costume



Toddler Woman Woman Costume


Great jobs, Kids… everyone looks great! We’ll see you next year at Comic-Con!


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Source: Yahoo

Comic-Con Kids in our Costumes!

by on Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Comic Con 2012 just wrapped up in San Diego. It was another successful year for fans to celebrate superheroes, movies and pop culture. Over 120,000 people showed up to participate, and great costumes were everywhere.

Watching the children participate is a lot of fun. So many adorable kids in costumes! We love seeing our costumes worn at Comic-Con.

Buzzfeed put together a great galley of costumed kids at Comic-Con. I’ve posted a few below, side-by-side with the costumes we sell. These kids really look great!

Such wonderful costumes! Looks like such a great time. You can view the entire kids gallery by visiting Buzzfeed.


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